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Appointed Person

(2 Hours)

What is an appointed person?

Appointed PersonAn appointed person is someone who is responsible for First Aid equipment and procedures i.e. maintain the Accident Book within an organisation. This course is ideal for small and low risk businesses, or additional first aid compliance in larger companies.

This training will help you to meet your company’s compliance obligations to ensure that there is suitable first aid provision for any persons injured in the workplace. If your risk assessment finds that a first aider is not necessary, you are instead required to have someone trained as an appointed person who will take responsibility for all first aid arrangements.

Please note, if you have staff members with asthma, allergies, diabetes or a heart condition – and these are detailed in your risk assessment – the HSE recommend that you consider completing the three day First Aid at Work (FAW) course. This is because these conditions are no longer covered in the first aid for appointed persons or Emergency First Aid (EFAW) at work course.

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