First Aid Certificate Extension Due to COVID-19

First Aid Certificate Extension Due to COVID-19

Are you due to renew your First Aid qualification but you’re struggling to find a way to requalify due to the coronavirus outbreak? Did you know you could qualify for an extension? If you hold a first-aid certificate that expires on or after 16 March 2020 and you’re unable to access training, then the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has extended the period for requalification.

However, you will need to hurry as the final HSE deadline is 30 September 2020.

Applicable training includes:

If you would like to apply for the extension, then you will need to prove why you’ve been unable to access requalification training, as well as demonstrating all the steps you have taken.

In difficult times like these, it’s vital that you have trained First Aiders on your premises at all times. We’ve taken important steps to ensure safe, relevant, and up-to-date training for all course attendees, which includes complying with current COVID-19 guidelines on face to face training.

Why is First Aid Refresher Training important?
Some years, there are changes to guidance and First Aid advice, which means what you may have learned before could now be outdated and no longer advised.

If you or your team have not been able to requalify for First Aid certification, then here are a couple of examples to be aware of:

  • Burns treatment – the recommended time for running cool water over a burnt area of skin has increased from 10 mins to 20 mins.
  • Workplace first aid kits – the recommended items have changed, including increased sizes of dressings and safety pins are no longer required.

How has COVID-19 affected First Aid Training?
For obvious reasons, there have been changes to the European Resuscitation Guidelines in response to preventing the spread of coronavirus transmission. One of these measures includes “to minimise the risk of infection, do not open the airway and do not place your face next to the victims’ mouth/nose.”

As a First Aid Training company, we’ve taken significant measures to keep everyone safe from harm by investing in large quantities of PPE. We have also adapted our courses, which includes buying more equipment and limiting the number of attendees. After undertaking coronavirus safety training, LWS Training Services is proud to be a COVID-19 compliant business.

Furloughed your First Aiders?
If you’ve furloughed your First Aiders, and these individuals are either not yet back at work or they’re not likely to return due to redundancy, then we strongly advise checking to see whether you have enough First Aiders on site. If you’re in doubt, then get in touch and we will only be too happy to advise.

When did you last review your emergency procedures? Carry out a risk assessment of First Aid, security, and Health & Safety to ensure your business is a safe working environment. As well as the usual regulations, the government has brought in an extra raft of coronavirus regulations that you must now adhere to as an employer.
Read our previous blog on how to keep your premises safe from the corona-virus – HSE COVID-19 Guidance for Employers (Updated as of 12 September 20).

LWS Training Services are COVID-19 compliant helping to keep your workers safe to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, as well as being prepared for emergencies. Call 07974 407988 for a friendly chat about your needs.
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